Check-in Documentation

We understand that one of the worse parts about visiting a doctors office is all the paperwork, especially when you are in pain. For your convenience we have provided you with the majority of the our check in documentation to be filled in prior to arriving at our office. Saving you time and allowing you time to complete your documentation prior to arriving at our office.

All documents are provided to you in PDF Format. Please download and fill in as much detail as you can. Once complete, please print the documents and bring them in to our office. For your convenience you may also email complete documents to our office at*. Proir to emailing, please be sure that all documentation has saved correctly and is attached with completed fields. Some PDF programs may not save information and printing may be a better option.

SMO Patient Information Form (PDF)

SMO Patient Medical Information (PDF)

SMO Accident-Symptom Information (PDF)

Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF)



*If emailing your medical information, you understand that your email service may not be HIPPA compliant.