Rehab/Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy will be a very important part of your surgical preparation and recovery.

Physical Therapy, whether you have had surgery or not, will help you to recover from your surgery/injury with substantial gains to your joint’s overall movement,  from the time of your injury. If you find that you are not progressing after Dr. Sarin’s recommended treatment time, or if physical therapy seems to be not improving your overall movement, we recommend contacting our office.

We work with all of the physical therpy offices in and around Steamboat Springs, CO and highly recommend contacting a physical therapy office before your surgery to insure they have room for you in their office after your surgery.

To find an office in Steamboat to help you, please visit the following Link (This link will take you to an external search for Physical Therapists):
Physical Therapy Offices in Steamboat Springs

If you have further questions about the best physical therapy options for your injury, please consult with Storm Mountain Orthopaedics.